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1. Web Design | Website Design | King Systems

King Systems efforts are focused in combining the best of professional web design, technology and content to achieve a perfect layout for your website.
Our websites are accessible, functional and easily maintained, without compromising the design.

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2. Kama Romania | Web Design

Nizhnekamskshina is the largest tire company in the countries of the former USSR. In the top global tire companies, Nizhnekamskshina ranks 20 out of 98 companies.

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3. Dental Clinic Megdent | Web Design

Megdent Baia Mare offers a new experience in dentistry. To get high quality dental treatments and professional schedules you for a wide range of dental services to the highest standards of hygiene, quality and dental technology in a modern and elegant.

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4. Economic and Social Council | Web Design

Romanian Economic and Social Council is an autonomous tripartite public institution of national interest, set up for the purpose of achieving the social dialogue between employers, trade unions and the Government, and building a climate of stability and social peace.

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5. Autoland | car dismantling | Web Design

Autoland has a storage warehouse space totaling 2,000 square meters and a car park which covers an area of over 2.5 hectares, with over 50,000 items aranged by the types of cars, models and year of manufacture, ready to satisfy every need of customers to good deals.

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6. MaraClinica | essential in diagnosis | Web Design

Medical laboratory MaraClinica, RENAR accredited, is arranged according to the latest regulations in the field of medical laboratory and technical equipment and has both a modern european-standard and well-trained personnel.

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7. King Systems Locations

Don't you know where to find Web Design in Baia Mare?! It's easy to find us with the help of Google Maps, in Baia Mare, Dr. Gheorghe Bilascu's Street.

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8. King Systems Baia Mare | Web Design & Web Hosting

King Systems Baia Mare provides Professional Web Design & Web Development services, at high quality, to clients across all business sectors, from private company to public company, tougheter with a proper professional web hosting.

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9. Sasar Parish | Blog Design

Sasar parish is part of the Romanian Orthodox Parish of Baia Mare and surrounding villages have a total of 1242 Christian - Ascension and Holy Cross.

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1. Ortobrand | joy of living | Web Design | UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Made for a company that distributes bone substitutes, orthopedic endo prostesis and viscoelastic substances.

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