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King Systems Baia Mare | Web Design & Web Hosting

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King Systems Baia Mare provides Professional Web Design & Web Development services, at high quality, to clients across all business sectors, from private company to public company, tougheter with a proper professional web hosting.

Our capabilities include logo design, website promotion, Search Engine Optimization SEO, print design, text and image processing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), performance analysis and objective reporting.

Services provided

  • Own search engine
  • Captcha antispam form
  • Page counter
  • XHTML, CSS and RSS Validation
  • CMS On-line management
  • Domain name registration
  • Social Network Bookmarking Sharing
  • URL Rewrite
  • Minify CSS

Technology used

  • ASP page coding
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • CSS
  • RSS
  • XML

Complementary services

  • Web Hosting with ASP support
  • Server Configuration
  • WebMail
  • Compression enabled - Gzip

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