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Web Design | Website Design | King Systems

King Systems efforts are focused in combining the best of professional web design, technology and content to achieve a perfect layout for your website.

Our websites are accessible, functional and easily maintained, without compromising the design.

This is accomplished by offering a complete range of website designing and website development services both of which are clearly mandated to meet and exceed your company's specific requirements as you continue to leverage the power of the Internet to expand and enhance your corporate goals.

After first establishing the business objectives, we work on achieving uniqueness and originality in every site we work on to differentiate among client's competitors.

With expertise in advertising & marketing experience the our company is able to provide the right web design solutions as well as a complete suite of corporate communication services.

Your website will often provide the first contact between your company and a prospective client or customer. So it is essential that you convey the right impression with a professional web design. We can help you realize the full potential of this medium to inform, interact and provide services through the use of modern design, accessibility and visibility to popular search engines. King Systems offers tailored solutions to address all of these issues with equal importance.

King Systems offers customized, scalable and modular website designing services known for their creative approach and flexibility. The websites we have developed for our client companies are innovative, user-friendly and reflect an original approach to web design.

Web Design is Web Development?

Many mistakenly categorize web development as web design. Web design is only a part of the more comprehensive web development process. Web design refers to the graphic elements design of a website, typically including the graphic layout design, navigation menus, icons, logo, color selection, and general theme. It consists of design work performed by a professional graphic designer, not a programmer.

Quality provided by King Systems

Quality is a word that a lot of companys like to use when describing their web design services. But what is quality, how do you know if a design is quality or not. Well, we think that there's quite a few ways to spot quality within web designs.

Services provided by King Systems

  • Web Design
  • Blog & Forum Design
  • Web Programming
  • Multilingual website
  • Images Optimization
  • Printer-friendly version
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Microsoft Access database
  • Google Analytics
  • Personalized Google Maps
  • Minify HTML
  • AJAX implementation
  • Own search engine
  • Captcha antispam form
  • Antispam Feed-back form
  • Web Page Counter
  • HTML, CSS and RSS Validation
  • CMS On-line management
  • Domain name registration
  • Consultancy
  • Minify CSS
  • URL Rewrite