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1. Euromedica Hospital | Web Design

Euromedica Hospital SA started its activity in February 2006 out of the desire to offer an alternative to the public system of medical services, the first private provider of hospital services in Maramureș, being an important player for both the public health insurance system and the system. private health insurance, providing a wide range of integrated medical services.

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2. TV Sighet | Web Design

TV Sighet is the only 100% local television station in Sighetu, with its own studio in Sighetu Marmatiei, which broadcasts local programs, reports, talk shows, news, musical dedications on new and popular music with a direct impact in the service area.

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3. Web Development | Content Development | Web Developer

Our objective is to give your company a unique web identity and Internet presence that will guaranty a top position for your products and services in digital space.
Advanced website development implemented by King Systems can place your company above your competition and generate new opportunities of growth and expansion.

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4. Ion Creanga Kindergarten | Blog Design

Ion Creanga Kindergarten is one of the oldest units in this field in Baia Mare and the first to introduced the educational alternative Step By Step in Maramures.

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5. Electrotrend | Application Development

Electrotrend is a company specialized in designing, mounting and servicing of security equipment, from online or offline video surveillance and alarm to fire extinguisher.

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6. Urban Moto Club | Forum Design

Forum Design for Urban Moto wich is a Motorcycle Club with the main objectives to increase the number of members in order to organized events and themes campaign with bikers in focus and sportive events also from this field.

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7. Blog & Forum Design Portfolio | King Systems

We present to you our portfolio with the last developed blogs and forums by King Systems.

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8. Professional Web Hosting Services | King Systems

If you have a website inevitably you'll need a Professional Web Hosting services, provided by powerful servers managed by specialists who can solve all your problems and gives you their expertise.
Why a Professional Web Hosting? Because plays a small factor in Google's pagerankings.

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9. YMCA Baia Mare | Blog Design

YMCA Baia Mare is a youth organization founded in 2001 with the slogan 'We build strong kids, strong families, strong communities'.

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