Mobile Web Design | Health Insurance House of Maramures

Nou Health Insurance House of Maramures has a brand new smartphone website version. Health Insurance House of Maramures, a public institution, financially independent, local interest, with its own budget, with autonomy, subordinated to National Health Insurance House.

Health Insurance House of Maramures manages the National Unique Social Health Insurance Fund, according to law procedures, assuring well administration of money on county level.

Services provided for

  • Own search engine
  • On-line Captcha antispam form
  • Page counter
  • CMS On-line management
  • Domain name registration

Technology used

  • ASP page coding
  • HTML and DHTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • RSS
  • XML

Complementary services

  • Web Hosting with ASP support
  • Compression enabled - Gzip
  • Consultancy
  • Server Configuration
  • WebMail