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MaraClinica is Medical laboratory, RENAR accredited, arranged according to the latest regulations in the field of medical laboratory and technical equipment and has both a modern european-standard and well-trained personnel.

Laboratory MaraClinica Baia Mare is one of the newest providers of medical laboratory in Baia Mare services which created the premises of equipment to the most demanding requirements of European quality. Confidence in the quality of medical tests performed in MaraClinica was reach by a continuing effort to optimize investments and activities based on professionalism, quality and maximum privacy.

Campaign Results (Advertising Campaigns)

  • Web site entered in Google search engine after 7 days of the start of the project
  • number of visitors is increasing even after the campaign has been enterupted

Campaign period

  • 12/6/2009-12/6/2009

Campaign type

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

Number of ads

  • one ad

Number of keyword

  • 11 keywords

Geographic Area Targeting

  • 35 km around Baia Mare
  • Shape around Baia Mare