Dental Clinic Megdent | Advertising Campaigns

Dental Clinic Megdent Baia Mare offers a new experience in dentistry. To get high quality dental treatments and professional schedules you for a wide range of dental services to the highest standards of hygiene, quality and dental technology in a modern and elegant.

Due to ongoing concern and desire continuous improvement, our dental clinic's medical staff is always aware of new techniques, new materials and methods of treatment by attending continuing dental education courses, congresses and scientific meetings.

Campaign Results (Advertising Campaigns)

  • number of visitors is increasing
  • 30 visits per day

Campaign period

  • 3/14/2012-now
  • 30 visits per day

Campaign type

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

Number of ads

  • 3 ads

Number of keyword

  • 50 keywords

Geographic Area Targeting

  • 60 km around Baia Mare
  • Shape around Baia Mare